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Scott Disick’s scary texts may prove he’s hit rock bottom

Isolation, alleged substance abuse and being cut off by the Kardashian clan are taking their toll on Scott Disick in a very scary way.

The season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians dealt with Disick’s expulsion from the family’s inner circle after the Daily Mail published photos of him frolicking with a female friend in France while Kourtney was home with the couple’s three kids — and by his body language, it was evident that the pair had a fling.

“Scott has gone out of town for an appearance and has gone on a crazy bender,” Kourtney explained. “He’ll be amazing for three months and then he’ll just go off the deep end and I don’t hear from him. I don’t know if it’s a pattern I can continue with.”

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After Disick’s faithlessness was discovered, Kourtney received a disturbing phone call from Disick’s friend, Chris Reda, saying the reality star was threatening to take his own life.

“He said he’s hysterically crying and saying, ‘I love you,’ and being suicidal,” Kourtney told mom Kris Jenner and sister Kim.

She then showed her family a text she received from Disick directed to the couple’s three children, which read, “I love them and anything that ever comes up bad about me wasn’t their fault.”

But it is unclear how seriously she really took the threat, because her fear of Scott getting arrested overrode her concern for his life as she explained she didn’t want to report his suicidal threats to the police because she didn’t want him thrown in jail.

Thankfully Disick did not follow through with his threats — the episode was filmed over the summer and he is still alive and kicking, although the jury is out on how happy and healthy he is at this point. Not only is he still making club appearances — and drinking — but he recently posted a nude photo of Kourtney on Instagram in a very misguided attempt seemingly at getting back into her good graces.

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