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Haters slam Farrah Abraham’s chin-shrinking pic as desperate (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham is promoting more face-altering procedures, and her latest chin-shrinking attempt might be the weirdest.

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Abraham took to Instagram to share her chin strap that she swears shaved off a centimeter from her face in just 30 minutes.

Not only is the picture clearly further encouraging plastic surgery and face-altering procedures, but commenters also pointed out that it’s a blatant ad ploy to market some product Abraham is no doubt getting paid for.

The Chin Up Mask claims that it is a 30-minute non-surgical facelift. And they seem to be loving having Abraham as their new promoter. Not only did they retweet her photo, they also commented on her feed.

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Meanwhile, another company Abraham was endorsing has officially cut ties.

Abraham had previously partnered with the company Celebrity Gene, a business that liquefies the DNA of celebrities and then uses that jewelry to create pendants so fans can have a piece of their favorite celebs. Abraham announced that a portion of the $99 pendant would also be going to charity and even that wasn’t enough to get people excited.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one wanted a piece of Abraham.

And after not selling a single pendant, Design&Trend reports that the company is officially cutting ties.

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Then again, why would anyone settle for a piece of Abraham when they can just see it all on her celebrity sex tape?

Do you think Abraham’s latest endorsement of the Chin Up Mask is just another way for her to try to make a buck?

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