Little Women: LA's Terra and Brittney take the drama with them to Hawaii (VIDEO)

Oct 13, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET

In this exclusive Little Women: LA preview, Terra and Brittney can't seem to get along even while on vacation in Hawaii for Elena's vow renewal.

The ladies finally find themselves in Hawaii this week ready to party, have fun and watch Elena renew her wedding vows. However, they couldn't seem to leave the drama at home.

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When Terra introduced the girls to Brittney at the beginning of this season, she thought that Brittney would be a great fit and that the girls would love her. So far, it seems as if most of the friendships have grown, while Terra and Brittney's friendship has come to a screeching halt.

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After confronting each other on what they think are the other person's faults, both women still join the entourage on the trip to Hawaii. This clip shows Terra, Tonya and Brittney trying their hand at surfing. Terra eventually gets it, but we aren't too sure about Brittney. While surfing, one of the ladies states that there is a shark in the water. Who could have said that? Hmmm.

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After they are done surfing, the three ladies sit down for a not-so-pretty conversation. While Terra and Brittney go at it, Tonya sits looking shocked and speechless, which might shock fans. We are sure, however, that when the show airs, we will hear what Tonya has to think. Terra did tell us exclusively, however, "My first-time surfing buzz was killed by Brittney's friendship issues. My opinion is when Brittney wasn't the center of attention, she found a way to boomerang the drama back to her, not caring about the longevity of our friendship. Our friendship's now flushed down the toilet with no explanation or reason."

Will this battle between Terra and Brittney come to an end, leading them to be good friends again? Or has Brittney really flushed it down the toilet? Tune in Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 9/8c to find out.