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Party Down South sneak peek hints that Lyle’s proposal doesn’t go as planned

It is time to plan a wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida, but first Lyle has to pop the question, and he has to do it right.

On this week’s episode of Party Down South, Lyle not only goes ring shopping to pick out the perfect ring for his girlfriend Santana, but he begins planning the perfect proposal. However, before any good Southern boy proposes he must do one thing: ask the girl’s father first.

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In this hilarious video, we watch Lyle and Murray discuss how to properly ask Santana’s dad for his only daughter’s hand in marriage. Murray is worried that Lyle is going to really mess the whole thing up.

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Murray sits and listens in as Lyle picks up the phone and calls Santana’s father and of course stumbles over his words. It seems like perhaps Murray’s fears of Lyle messing this up might be proven right. Lyle is clearly nervous and starts by telling the father that his daughter made it safe and sound, and then informs him that he has a nice romantic dinner planned for the two of them. The father sounds confused on the other end of the phone. Seems he isn’t quite sure what this call is about.

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Once Lyle gets up the nerve to ask his future father-in-law (he hopes) the big question, the response is probably not quite what Lyle was expecting or hoping for.

What did Santana’s dad say? And will Santana say “yes”? Tune in on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 9/8c on CMT to see for yourself.

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