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Joe Giudice blames Joe Gorga for Teresa’s prison sentence — yes, really

If there’s one thing Joe Giudice is not, it’s in touch with reality. If there’s one thing he is, it’s delusional. Despite the fact that he was found guilty on a gazillion counts of fraud — and despite the fact that both he and his wife, Teresa Giudice, were sentenced to prison — Joe still isn’t willing to accept blame for things. In fact, he thinks it’s his brother-in-law Joe Gorga’s fault.

After the Bravo special Teresa Checks In aired last night, Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga sat down for an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. During the interview, Cohen asked Gorga if he blamed Joe Giudice for his sister’s prison sentence, to which he replied, “Yes. Who am I going to blame?”

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Cohen asked Giudice if he had a reaction to his brother-in-law’s remarks, and he responded with a typical Joe Giudice comment. “I don’t know why he would blame me, but everybody’s got their own opinion on things, ya know?” he said. But he then added this gem: “I would blame more him than anybody. Going on the show and talking all the crap he talked.” I’ll give you a moment to digest this, because I know. It’s bat-crap insane.

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For the sake of Joe and Teresa’s four daughters — and for the sake of society — let’s hope that somehow, some way, Giudice misinterpreted Cohen’s question, because it truly is a mystery how anyone on this earth, regardless of how clueless they are, could think that someone “talking crap” would result in another person going to jail.

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Ultimately, though, we all know that that’s not the case. Giudice heard Andy Cohen’s question just fine. He’s just still refusing to take responsibility for anything. How would Joe Gorga’s talking crap be more of a factor in your wife ending up in jail, Joe? How?

When everything first when down and the Giudices were convicted, it actually seemed like Joe was going to change a little bit. He didn’t seem quite as cocky as he once was and he even admit to being stressed out during one of the episodes of RHONJ — a far cry from his typical macho behavior. But going off of the way he’s acting now, he doesn’t appear to have changed a bit. He seems to have learned nothing from this whole terrible ordeal. In his Watch What Happens Live interview, he doesn’t seem to have an ounce of humility or to have learned anything from this. It’s infuriating, but also, it’s really sad for his four daughters.

Obviously, what Joe and Teresa did is not something any parent would want their kids to model. And being that Joe and Teresa are famous, there’s absolutely no hiding it from their family. However, if the pair — and I’m mainly speaking about Joe here — was to own their mistakes, do their time and learn from things, they could probably teach their girls a lesson about dealing with one’s actions and making things right. Instead, though, Giudice is blaming Gorga for his problems, a person who had zero to do with this. Nice example.

Hopefully, once Giudice does his time — in his “low-budget spa,” as he’s referred to jail — he’ll be forced to deal with his issues and will learn to take responsibility then. Hopefully.

But, of course, if he doesn’t we’ll all still be there to watch him and his family… right?

What do you think of Joe Giudice?

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