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Million Dollar Listing: LA star Chad Rogers debuts new music video (VIDEO)

Chad Rogers, the original star of Million Dollar Listing: LA, has a new gig!

Besides selling real estate, Rogers has spent a lot of time improving himself from the inside out, including working out regularly and creating a physique guys are jealous of and girls want to get their hands on.

To add to his new look, Rogers has been learning new skills! For the past couple of years, with the help of a skilled instructor, JJ Brown, Rogers has been learning how to play the guitar. What came out of those lessons is more than extraordinary.
Rogers spent months perfecting the Elton John song, “Rocket Man”, on his guitar, and then used his own income to film this fantastic and entertaining music video we are sharing with you for the first time today.

The band members, whom Rogers dubbed “Sweet Deception,” were handpicked by him, and the entire video, including the song, set, costumes and models, were imagined and selected by Rogers himself. He had complete control of the video, from the beginning all the way till the final editing and choosing just the right scenes, so that the video would portray exactly the feelings that Rogers wanted it to have. The enchanted forest came to Rogers’ imagination only to exceed his wildest of dreams.

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Speaking of the models, we couldn’t help but notice they resembled someone very important from Rogers’ past, back while he was on Million Dollar Listing: LA. Is that a coincidence, or could it be intentional?

One of Rogers’ fans commented on a sneak peek to his music video that he posted on Instagram, asking why he doesn’t concentrate on what he does so well: real estate. His response couldn’t have been better:

“Playing guitar and working out are both much-needed releases for me which have contributed to this current record breaking year in real estate. We all need to do other things besides working all the time to be successful. If you don’t find a release for you it’s very likely you will get burnt out which will spill into your work environment. For me it is about creating happiness by doing things that enrich my life and grow me as a person.”

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With his unbelievable body transformation, a killer music band and having sold more than $300 million in real estate since opting out of the Million Dollar Listing franchise five years ago, we crown Chad Rogers as the “rock star of the real estate industry.”

What is next for Chad Rogers and his music career? We can’t tell you yet, but we will give you a hint: It is going to be “magical.”

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What do you think about Chad Rogers’ new music video? Would you like to see him back on television? Weigh in and give us your opinion, because we know you have one!

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