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Joe Giudice dishes on Teresa’s return from prison and their future

As Teresa Giudice nears the end of her prison sentence, there has been increased chatter about her post-prison plans, and her husband, Joe, is giving a little insight into what they may be.

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While there are most probably multiple things Teresa is looking forward to after her release from prison, perhaps the thing she is most excited about is spending quality time with her husband and daughters — and over the holidays the family intends to have a little getaway.

Joe revealed to E! News that they are “probably going to take a trip or two with the family.” But they won’t be heading anywhere too far from home, “I’d stay in the states, [maybe] some island close by,” he said.

The family also doesn’t want to make too much fuss of the holidays either (since Teresa will still be getting used to life outside prison bars), and for Christmas, they plan to have a “big family dinner,” and then just take it easy.

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“We’re basically going to keep it small and just chill out,” Joe told the outlet. “Whatever she wants to do when she comes home.”

It’s evident from his comments that Joe can’t wait to have his wife home again.

“Just being out is going to be a relief in itself and it’s a couple of days right before Christmas…I’m sure she’s just going to want to get organized and do whatever she wants to do,” he said.

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He also plans to make sure she feels very appreciated, and the first thing he wants to tell his wife when she’s back is, “It’s good to have you home.” Awww.

Are you excited for Teresa’s release from prison and her potential return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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