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Blood and Oil‘s villainous Wick is actually worth rooting for

At the beginning of Blood and Oil, Wick absolutely seemed like he was going to be Season 1’s antagonist, but a few episodes in and it definitely seems like the tables are turning.

While everyone else in the show seems intent on forgetting their morals, Wick seems to be trying to discover his integrity as evident by how tortured he is over his part in the oil robbery.

Billy’s (Chace Crawford) headed down a dark path trying to get rich. Hap (Don Johnson) has been on a dark path for a long time. Cody might be heading in the wrong direction now. And Jules, well, Jules can’t seem to pick a path. Period. Girl has her hands in anything and everything, including Wick and Hap.

But while all the other characters in the show seem to be wallowing in their get-rich-at-all-cost schemes, Wick is the one person who seems convincingly conflicted with the whole oily situation.

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Now, it’s hard to speculate if he would feel as guilty had his oil-stealing scheme been successful, which is why he’s a character worthy of conflicting emotions at this point. Do you love him or do you hate him?

Right now, the answer is probably something along the lines of, “Eh,” or “I’m not convinced.” But give him a few more episodes and he might just surprise you by manning up a bit. He even refers to it in this episode as his “redemption tour.”

Yes, he has a lot of redeeming to do. And a lot more discovering — including the self kind and the other kind. And by that, we mean the fact that his supposed love is actually also bumping uglies with his father, who coincidentally also thinks he’s madly in love with her. Gross.

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And if that’s not enough to make you sympathize at least a little with Wick, consider his rich-boy status. Sure, he had everything handed to him on a silver platter growing up. But that silver platter also came with a torrent of degrading messages and verbal abuse courtesy of his father. That has to, at least, balance the scales a little.

He’s far from the hero of the show. But it’s also looking less and less like Billy is going to be the stand-up guy in the series. Sure, he was introduced as the protagonist, but can he really bring down Hap while still maintaining his good-guy status? You know he’s going to be on the revenge trail now that Hap has flopped and burned him. Billy’s too obsessed with the oil business and his need to get rich to maintain his moral integrity.

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So what we’ve got right now is a show full of people worthy of some really harsh criticism. And in the sea of those objectionable decisions, Wick seems to shine as the only one who’s trying to change.

Do you think he’ll be successful or is Blood and Oil just one depressing downward spiral for all characters involved?

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