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Quantico‘s new twists and turns will hurt your brain — and your heart

According to Quantico‘s Miranda Shaw, you’ve got to break agents down in order to build them back up… but tonight’s episode of Quantico left a few of the agents absolutely shattered.

Let’s be honest — watching tonight’s episode of Quantico felt a little bit like this:

Freak out

I mean, if tonight’s show is any indication of episodes to come, I may have to start watching from a yoga mat, with a cup of chamomile and some ylang-ylang candles burning so that I don’t totally lose it.

The episode began with Agent Parrish tracking down the highly suspicious Simon Asher, before whisking us back to a particularly inauspicious day at the academy when Parrish and her fellow recruits all turned on one another during training.

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Talk about getting ugly: Not only did we get to see their seriously judgmental sides come out, but we also had to watch as agents struggled (and in some cases physically lashed out) to process what their peers thought of them.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Agent Parrish and Asher are trying to figure out what kind of wire Parrish found in her apartment next to all that carefully staged C4. It seems like Asher is really going to help Parrish solve her case, except that he also turns her in to authorities in order to “protect his image” (and supposedly hide the fact that he’s helping her). Does anyone else find it frustrating that at every turn, those who seem to believe Parrish is innocent are also playing like she’s guilty to the people that matter?

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Then, of course, there’s creepy Liam, the jaded agent-turned-teacher who just happens to also have been Parish’s dad’s old partner — or at least that’s how it sounds when, while he grilled Parrish’s mother, Sita, for details on her daughter’s whereabouts, the woman says she’s never told anyone the secret about what Liam and Parrish’s dad did…

Ooh, ominous much?

As the training flashback melted down, so too did several of the agents, which led to them going to blows on the training mats over their petty jealousies and hurt feelings. The biggest gut-punch of the night wasn’t doled out in the sparring ring, however, but at the end of the episode when Parrish’s own mother gives a press conference calling out her own daughter as a terrorist. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Sita just blew her chances at getting the Mother of the Year award.)

Ugh, talk about feels — how is Parrish supposed to stay strong knowing that even her own mother doesn’t believe in her? Is this all part of Liam’s evil plan? Is Liam evil? Or is he a patsy? And how do we know that the file he gave Parrish about her father (the one that led to her breaking down and crying all over hottie Ryan Booth) is even legit?

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I mean, my head is totally spinning.

And don’t even get me started on that back-stabbing Simon, who Parrish thinks washed out of the academy and got a job as a tech-head, but who — it turns out — is actually an undercover agent working for Liam’s boss.

I seriously don’t know how to handle all the twists and all the feels… or the long wait until next week’s episode.

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