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Once Upon a Time: The Dark One is forging an alliance that could get messy

Once Upon a Time is going down a dark road and not just because Emma Swan is now the Dark One. As illustrated during Sunday night’s episode, Emma isn’t the only one wreaking havoc on Storybrooke. That’s right, King Arthur is somewhat being showcased as a villain. Well, there goes that bromance with Charming. Whatever the case, the episode’s end brought some happiness.

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Rumple is awake! That’s right, Belle’s love and the former owner of the Darkness is out of his coma. Finally! However, with good always comes bad, especially on OUAT. Rather than waking up to Belle’s face, Rumple awoke to the Dark One, who also stirred him from his deep sleep. He looked both shocked and frightened at her appearance, and rightfully so. Anyway, Emma didn’t do this out of the goodness of her heart so that Rumple and Belle would be reunited, but rather, she has a bigger plan for herself, Rumple and Storybrooke.

Apparently, Emma is going to use Rumple to help remove Excalibur from the stone. Hmm… will Rumple become the next major hero of Storybrooke, OUAT and fairy tales to come? Well, that seems to be Emma’s plan. Seeing as Rumple is neither dark or light and his “heart is a blank slate,” per the Dark One, he can be turned into a hero. And a hero is the only person who can remove the sword from the stone. Emma’s overall plan is to turn Rumple into the last thing he’d ever thought he’d be: “the purest hero who’s ever lived.”

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Well, that doesn’t sound foreboding or anything. As great as it is to see Rumple awake, if he starts working with the Dark One, this will only lead to even worse matters. If Emma gets her hands on Excalibur, then she can snuff out all of the light, which is definitely bad. However, Rumple is a smart man. Despite having no magic, he can use his past experiences and wisdom to hopefully beat Emma at her own game. After all, he was once the Dark One, so he kind of knows Emma better than anyone — and maybe better than herself.

Whether Emma will succeed in getting Rumple to do her dirty work, fans will have to wait and see. Until then, they’re rejoicing in the fact that the beloved character is back.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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