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Sister Wives‘ Janelle and Meri enter therapy to deal with their drama

For months, Sister Wives‘ Meri and Janelle Brown haven’t been on the best terms. With the additional drama that Meri’s divorce from Kody has brought about, there hasn’t been time to address the issues in their relationship. This week, however, the tide seems to be changing.

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Meri Brown
Image: Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

Janelle and Meri have been in an uncomfortable place for, well, years. They’ve bickered over small things and been outright cruel to one another over children, houses and Kody. Earlier this season, Janelle approached Meri with the hope of mending their troubled relationship, but Meri rebuffed her, probably because of the issues with her divorce and Robyn, which has so far been the focus of the season. It seems like things might be headed in a different direction, though, after Sunday’s episode, when Meri agreed to go to therapy with Janelle.

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Many fans on Twitter expressed relief that the two were finally going to address their contention and were glad to see them move forward.

There were other fans, however, who felt that Meri’s agreeing to work on her relationship with Janelle had less to do with wanting to fix it and more to do with being exhausted by everything about her life. They’re also skeptical that everything will be smooth between the two from here on in.
Whether Meri and Janelle can ever be close, it seems like a huge step that can only make things easier within the family. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of the Browns working on repairing individual relationships and moving toward better communication.

Janelle and Kody
Image: TLC

Are you glad to see Meri and Janelle taking action to make their relationship better? Do you think it will work? Does Meri have ulterior motives?

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