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Fans are freaking out over St. Vincent’s surprise second career (PHOTOS)

It’s always good to have a backup plan.

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Even if you’re a super-popular indie rock artist who sells tons of records and tickets to shows, like St. Vincent, it’s still a good idea to have a backup career. And that’s exactly what St. Vincent, whose real name is Annie Clark, is doing, though it’s far from what you’d expect.

The singer, who has been dating model Cara Delevingne for months now, is usually pretty devoted to her music career. And when she’s not touring, she’s jet-setting all over the world with Delevingne — until now, when she stopped in Dallas, Texas, for a super-surprising reason.

It turns out Clark’s sister and brother-in-law just opened a Mexican restaurant in Dallas called Resident Taqueria. And what better way to ensure your restaurant has an amazing opening weekend than to recruit a celeb for a special guest appearance?

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You’d think Clark would, you know, perform at the opening to help draw some crowds. But that’s too ordinary for Clark, who instead went undercover and worked at Resident Taqueria all weekend. Seriously.

Fans have, predictably, been freaking out about the surprise.

And while Clark pushed the restaurant on her own Instagram, hinting that she’d be there, she definitely didn’t tell anyone she was planning to work.

Stars. They’re actually just like us.

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Are you freaking out as much as Twitter is that St. Vincent took on a weekend of waitressing? Or is this no surprise for the decidedly quirky star? Head down to the comments to share your thoughts with us.

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