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Grimm: Should Adalind & Nick be together, now that a baby’s involved?

After a long wait, Grimm returned with its Season 5 premiere, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Not only are those Royals taking a backseat to new mysteries and murders in Portland, but interesting relationships are forming, especially when it comes to Nick and Adalind.

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As showcased in the premiere, Juliette appears to be dead, but is she really? After Chavez and her team stormed Nick’s house, they drugged him, and then he had some weird dreams involving Juliette’s funeral and his mom’s floating head. If that isn’t strange enough, Chavez took Juliette’s body, Trubel and his mom’s head. What is going on?

Well, that isn’t the least of Nick’s worries, because now he is a dad. That’s right, Adalind gave birth to their baby boy. Even if you’re not an Adalind fan, you have to love that she sweetly chose the name Kelly in honor of Nick’s mom. That’s a great and fitting name, if I do say so myself. So, now that Adalind and Nick are connected pretty much forever, what does this mean for their relationship? Will they just co-parent? Will they try to be friends? Will it turn romantic?

Adalind told Nick, “Don’t hate me anymore, Nick. For our son’s sake, we can’t be like we were.” Plus, she admitted that she doesn’t want to raise Kelly by herself, to which Nick replied, “I will be there for him.” So, now what?

Nick and Adalind
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Well, they definitely don’t and won’t have the cookie-cutter family. After all, Nick is a Grimm, Adalind is a Hexenbiest and they’re surrounded by Wesen. In addition to coming to terms with fatherhood and probably living with Adalind (where else will she and Kelly go?), Nick’s dealing with a lot. I mean, his mom died, Trubel seemingly killed Juliette, Trubel is missing and there’s whatever is going on with Chavez and Meisner. Add all of that on top of now playing house with Adalind and Kelly, well, that’s a lot for one person to handle.

Whatever path Nick and Adalind choose regarding their relationship, it’s important they stand as one, especially for Kelly’s sake. It would be even more disastrous if they continued to be on opposite sides. If they do end up pursuing a relationship, here’s hoping they take it slow. Nick’s been through so much turmoil that he needs to work on himself and heal. Also, if Nick and Adalind become romantic too quickly, some fans might not be thrilled and feel like Grimm is doing a disservice to Nick and Juliette’s deep love.

With that said, here’s how fans are reacting to the potential of Nick and Adalind. Hint: There are many mixed emotions.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

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