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Amy Schumer’s turn as Saturday Night Live host gets cringe-worthy

This episode included lots of the cringe-worthy comedy moments that Amy Schumer is known for, which made the show feel much more grounded in the real world than a typical episode of Saturday Night Live. It was consistently hilarious.

Amy Schumer is probably one of the most anticipated first-time SNL hosts in recent years. She is the star of the Emmy award-winning television sketch show that isn’t Saturday Night Live, just starred in a movie that did great at the box office and has famous friends to offer her great hosting advice.

Schumer has made a brand of feminist comedy, and while SNL has a particularly strong female cast, it can’t really be said that the show produces many feminist sketches. A lot of people were tuning in to see if Amy Schumer’s presence comes with her pro-woman politics, insights on body image, and biting sense of humor. And those people were not disappointed.

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This week’s episode was almost all high points.

Cold open

Except the cold open. Does anyone who watches SNL also watch Fox and Friends?


Amy Schumer appeals by saying exactly what everyone in the audience is afraid to admit they’re thinking. From contemplating how thoroughly to clean a baby’s vagina and butt hole without really “going to town,” to wondering if you’re dating a really hot guy (Bradley Cooper) just because he was nice to you for like an hour, we’ve all been there.

Image: NBC

Porn Teacher

Aidy Bryant is a national treasure. Just when the bad porn acting got unbearable and stopped being funny, here she comes playing a truly hilarious earnest and real character. The concept, a student who is unaware that she is going to school in a pornographic movie, could have easily been cheesy. But the execution elevated it to a great character sketch. Too many hilarious lines to quote from this one — just watch it.

Image: NBC


No surprises that in a week where the nation saw multiple school shootings, that SNL would have something to say about guns. Particularly since Amy Schumer is well-known as a gun control advocate. Unfortunately, this sketch wasn’t funny. It was just a sad and accurate depiction of American life.

Image: NBC

The Weeknd

The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj gave a dope performance. I think it’s really cool that Nicki Minaj came dressed as an SNL recurring character.

Shout out to Nicki Minaj for coming dressed as the third former porn star
Image: NBC/NBC

Weekend Update

Michael Che and Colin Jost have found a great rhythm and are now playing off each other like some of our favorite Weekend Update teams of years past. Here’s one awesome run of jokes that shows how well they played off each other:

Che: I know the forefathers said you have the right to own a gun, but they also said you could own people. Which, by the way, if I had owned a whole field of jacked Africans, I’d probably want a dozen or so guns too.”

The camera cuts to Jost; he looks terrified.

Jost: It’s not supposed to cut to me after that.

Che: Oh no, it is. I told them to do that. I was making a point. The Constitution is a lot like our grandfather: He’s wise, we love him and he means well, but he’s getting really, really old. And every once in a while, he says something crazy, and we gotta go to the other room and discuss what we gon’ do about it.

Kate McKinnon also appeared on this Weekend Update, which is always great, because then we get to enjoy one of her crazy characters without distraction. Her apartment lady notes will get a lot of overcrowded New York residents through the long days of hating their neighbors.

City Council Meeting

Aidy Bryant is killing this episode. Full disclosure: Jan Krang made me laugh so hard I got hiccups. This scene is a great excuse for everyone in the cast to play their favorite characters. It’s a great vehicle for cute characters they obviously have fun playing.

Image: NBC

Baby Shower

This sketch is too real. And it’s also why you don’t mix girlfriends from different places. We’ve all been there…

Image: NBC

Everyone was on the top of their game for this episode —  solid writing, good sketches, great characters and awesome performances. Most episodes of SNL have a couple of standout sketches, but this is strong from beginning to end. This is the first episode of SNL where I was shocked to see the credits roll because the show went by so fast, and there was no awkward 10-1 sketch. This season is off to an amazing start.

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