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ANTM: Dustin McNeer gets real about being eliminated for the second time

To start back into the competition was tough.

But being the comeback kid, I knew I had earned myself a huge target on my back, and the rest of the models did not mind taking their shots at it. Being back in the house again was a lot more stressful than I remembered. Coming back, everyone seemed more aggressive and dramatic than before. I definitely didn’t appreciate this, but I tried to keep focused and relaxed.

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But then things got wound back up after our first challenge. I knew Hadassah didn’t like me nor did she want me back. So when I saw I was above her on the challenge board, I was pretty excited. But it, unfortunately, didn’t help when it came to our shoot. I felt slightly awkward during the shoot because I was put on the spot with some confusing instructions when others were not. But I did my best to push through.

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Then we went to panel. I didn’t want to go home, obviously. I was having so much fun being there and working to accomplish my dreams. But then the time came where I was in bottom two with Hadassah, and I had a little déjà vu from the first time. But this time I thought it was going to be different.

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Unfortunately it wasn’t, but I’m still ecstatic that I was a part of this amazing adventure and have so much to profit from it. I know that I definitely was not the best in the music video, because I hadn’t had any acting experience. So since my elimination, I’ve been taking classes and pursuing acting in addition to my modeling. Without this show, I would not be where I am today, and I’m extremely grateful for all the good it’s brought me so far.

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