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The Amazing Race: The Texas boys 2-step their way around major mistakes

The hotties from Texas, Josh and Tanner, set out to prove to the other The Amazing Race teams that you “Don’t mess with Texas” in a week of challenges that seemed to have been made for the pair.

Josh and Tanner made sure that message was delivered loud and clear to the other contestants, and especially to the Green Team, but they weren’t the only ones determined to slow the Green Team down, and in the rush to try and do this, almost every single team made at least one mistake that could have led to elimination.

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Tonight’s challenges were made for the boys from Texas — barbecue and horses? Giddy up!

Feeling hungry? You won’t be after this week’s Roadblock, which had the teams working with racks of lamb and ribs. After retrieving two full racks of lamb and one rack of beef ribs, they had to get the meat on the rack exactly how the gauchos had them. It doesn’t matter how many cookouts you’ve hosted, this isn’t your regular backyard grilling prep. We’re talking rebar and rusty wire ties. And random dogs roaming behind you trying to take your meat and run.

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Here is where we see our first big mistake of the night when ‘Bama Mama shouts out to James to “turn it around!” Giving help is a big no-no that will be costly later. Our boys from Texas get this one first, putting themselves safely in the lead ahead of the Green Team. And then… the Reporters do the same.

Woot! Green Team is in third place. Time for a little happy dance.

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Team Texas gets to the Detour, which is all about horses. Which will it be: Polo or carriages? The hotties picked polo. Polo has horses, and boys from Texas know all about horses, right? Yes, but apparently not too much about polo. Except it’s a cologne…

The Amazing Race I've never played Polo
Image: Twitter

The teams have to dress a pretend horse in full polo gear, and Team Texas is doing a fine job, until the boys realize they put the saddle on backward. You can hear the groans coming from the ranches back in Texas. After all, what respectable Texan puts a saddle on a horse backward?

Team Texas put a saddle on backwards
Image: Twitter

Dressing a horse is not as easy as it looks, and Team Texas isn’t the only team that can’t figure out where that chain thingy goes on the harness. The teams that (wisely) chose to clean the carriages had a much easier, if not dirtier, job, but both teams that chose this detour made mistakes that included forgetting their whips, which cost them time backtracking.

But where are The Dancers? Those poor guys are so far behind, but you just can’t help hoping they can pull (another) miracle out of their hats. With the fabulous editing job, you’d think they managed to perform that miracle, but you’d be wrong. All those happy dances we did when Team Texas came in first became the walk of doom to watch another awesome team get eliminated.

Everybody likes the dancers
Image: Twitter

Can I tell you how happy I am that I didn’t have to talk about crying Justin crying this week? Focusing on the Texas boys is a much happier place to be. You can expect next week to be a non-elimination round, and the way these teams are all over the place, it’s definitely going to come in handy for someone.

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