The Jacksons: What did Kim Kardashian know about the missing Jackson memorabilia?

Oct 9, 2015 at 11:04 p.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

Love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian has a lot of "klout" with the Jackson family. And her latest move has haters willing to leave her alone... for now.

Hollywood's hottest hacker, Kim Kardashian West has touted her dirt-digging skills for years. Cell phone pass codes, voice mail, Twitter accounts — and now, she can add Jackson family memories to the long list of things that she manages to get her well-manicured hands onto.

It's been known for quite some time that the Kardashian and Jackson families were close — close as in, "Hey, let's all get together to play a game of Pictionary." But it's only in very recent years that we've learned that TJ Jackson — of 3T and now Lifetime's The Jacksons: Next Generation — was the mystery relative of Michael's who Kim dated in high school, back when they were both pretty young thangs (because we can all see that they've aged so horribly).

It may not be information that TJ's wife, Frances, would like brought up too often, and it's definitely not tied to the episode in which they're celebrating their wedding anniversary (that Michael Jackson's son, Prince had to remind him of), but those ties to Kim gave both TJ and Frances memorabilia to share and pass on to their four children some day.

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How? After the tragic death of TJ's mother, Delores "DeeDee" Jackson — which occurred while Kim and TJ were dating — the family's household items were packed up and stored for nearly 20 years in a facility that TJ didn't even know existed.

A phone call from Kim tipped TJ off, letting him know that someone had approached her about some childhood photos of the two of them together that were found in the facility, and she said that he and his family might be able to get their things back.

TJ, Taj, and Taryll Jackson
Image: Lifetime

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TJ reached out to a man named Michael (creepy coincidence?) and arranged a surprise for his brothers, Taryll and Taj.


A baseball, an old agenda book... as Taj explained, people put a price tag on things like that because of the Jackson name. To Taryll, that baseball wasn't just a Jackson baseball; it was his first home-run ball. To Taj, that wasn't just a Jackson agenda; it was a reminder of how much time and hard work his mother was putting into helping them form their group, 3T, which made the comeback even more important to him. And for TJ, the youngest of the three, he was finally able to see his own baby book — pictures of his childhood that for years, he only saw online and would click and save them to his desktop.

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Those were just a few of the items, and as TJ says, the family is still sifting through all of them. They may not know where it'll all end up, but it's clear that all of the Jacksons are thankful for Kim Kardashian and her "konnections" — even Frances.

Did you know about Kim Kardashian and TJ Jackson's relationship? Do you think Kim's name is being brought up a little too often in The Jacksons: Next Generation?