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Shark Tank fans are loving Kevin O’Leary as a wedding officiant

Kevin O’Leary loves the business world, but he also claims to “love love.” He attempted to prove this during tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, which featured a wedding officiated by none other than Mr. Wonderful himself.

He may frequently be attacked on social media for the harsh criticism he doles out on Shark Tank, but during tonight’s episode, O’Leary was the recipient of a surprising amount of praise. The self-avowed lover of love decided to finally put his status as an officiant to good use so that he could help two of his friends tie the knot.

Kevin O'Leary
Image: ABC

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Of course, when you’re Mr. Wonderful, there’s no such thing as enjoying a wedding without bringing money-making into the equation. What would nuptials be without a business deal? True to form, Mr. Wonderful decided to incorporate familiar Shark Tank businesses Bottle Breacher, Honeyfund and Wicked Good Cupcakes into the wedding. All three companies have proved incredibly successful thus far, but O’Leary believes that he can make them even stronger with his new Something Wonderful platform. This program allows the companies to promote one another, ultimately making it possible for all three to achieve greater success in the gift industry.

Shark Tank wedding
Image: ABC

During the wedding, Bottle Breacher, Honeyfund and Wicked Good Cupcakes all offered guests much-appreciated gifts. Evidently, Bottle Breacher’s wooden coasters were especially popular among wedding attendees.

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Usually critical of O’Leary, Twitter users rallied around the Shark Tank star as he officiated his friends’ wedding. Several fans claimed that O’Leary’s Something Wonderful program was a brilliant idea.

The response to O’Leary’s wedding adventure was largely positive, but a few disgruntled Twitter users claimed that his wedding-based business proposition was nothing short of tacky.

It was certainly interesting to see Kevin O’Leary marrying off two of his close friends, but as skeptical Twitter users pointed out, the whole experience was cheapened a bit by Mr. Wonderful’s need to integrate a business deal into his friends’ big day. What should have been a very sweet moment felt more like boasting on O’Leary’s part or, at minimum, a not-so-subtle pitch for his new business plan. That being said, it is an interesting idea — and likely one that will benefit several Shark Tank businesses.

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What did you think of Kevin O’Leary as a wedding officiant? Was his insistence on pitching the Something Wonderful platform wise — or tacky? Comment and share your opinion below.

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