Drew Barrymore’s stance on post-baby bodies and bathing suits is sad

Oct 9, 2015 at 7:34 p.m. ET
Image: Zibi/WENN.com

Drew Barrymore thinks she can’t rock a bathing suit after having her babies — but she is so, so wrong.

The actress said that she no longer feels comfortable in a bathing suit and doesn't even own a one-piece, let alone a bikini.

"I am who I am, and I just don't have a bikini body," she told InStyle. "I don't even have a one-piece body anymore! But I am loving the long rash-guard, board-shorts look."

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"I've beaten myself up about not being a certain thing. If someone says, 'Let's go to the beach today,' my first thought is, 'F***, what am I going to wear?' I remember when Amy Schumer was on Ellen — she called her midsection a 'lava lamp.' I thought, 'That was perfect! That's what I've been trying to say.' But then I saw her in Trainwreck, and she looked so good in a tiny bra and short skirt. I was like, 'No, you don't have a lava lamp.'"

Whatever makes her happy, and if it's board shorts and a rash guard, more power to her — but the fact is, if she puts a bikini on her body, that is a bikini body. Barrymore is a beautiful woman and should never feel ashamed of how her body has transformed after giving birth.

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Regardless, she looks pretty happy at the beach here.


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The star also told the mag that she would rather focus her energy on her two daughters and raising them far differently than she herself was.

"I'm not going to pretend to my daughters that I'm pure as the driven snow… The best I can do is open up my heart to them. That's soul-baring enough," she explained. "Making bad decisions doesn't make you a bad person. It is how you learn to make better choices."

"My own mother, Jaid, wrote a book on sex, and it was the most mortifying feeling in the world," she says. "So I know how a child feels when their parents put themselves out there too much, and I will never do that to my daughters. There are some things about your parents you just don't need to know."

Barrymore just released her own book of personal essays, Wildflowers.