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Kelsey Grammer wears disturbing anti-abortion shirt with a smile (PHOTO)

Kelsey Grammer has often been vocal about his conservative, Republican-leaning views and how they clash in Hollywood.

Now he is displaying them again, front and center in a photo that quite frankly creeps me out.

Grammer and his current wife, Kayte, posted photos to their joint Instagram account (yes I said joint… first gag-me moment), of each of them donning T-shirts promoting the website Abort73. Their shirts read, “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”
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Somehow, some wordsmith genius found a way to fit both the two largest hot-button issues into one seven-word sentence, making the shirt both anti-choice and pro-gun.

I love being an American. Want to know why?

Because Grammer is allowed to be conservative and believe he has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body and equate violent gun death with a woman making her own medical decisions.

And I am allowed to wholeheartedly disagree with him.

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His flippant disregard for those affected by gun violence and those who would like to see gun laws overhauled in this country is entirely within his rights. He is also allowed to think that these two extremely complex issues are simple enough to boil down to a catchy T-shirt slogan and snap a photo of himself creepily smiling like he is showing off a new prize.

The website that sent the former TV star and his spouse the shirts claims they are “an educational website that is working to protect children from abortion.” And since the shirts retail for $15, I’m going to speculate they probably — ironically — are made by children in another country who are not being protected at all.

With a string of failed marriages, cheating on spouses and other relationship skeletons, it is absurd that Grammer thinks he has the moral high ground to tell a woman what to do with her body but alas, we are in America, and like I said, he has every right.

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What do you think about his T-shirt?

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