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Jinger Duggar’s new romance may be causing a rift with her sister

Drama, drama, drama. It’s no wonder the Duggars got their own reality show.

If you follow the Duggar family, by now you’ve probably caught wind of rumors about the burgeoning courtship between Jinger Duggar and Lawson Bates of Bringing Up Bates.

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Neither the Duggars nor the Bateses have confirmed or denied the romance, but social media speculation has certainly been fueled by recent postings by both camps that feature Lawson and Jinger.

Another day, another side-hugging Duggar courtship. All looks pretty innocent, right? Well, things may be a little more complicated than they seem.

Jinger may be the one rumored to be courting Lawson now, but back in early 2015, it was also reported as a possibility that Jana was posturing herself to court Lawson. According to the online magazine Fashion & Style, Jana was originally involved with Lawson’s older brother, Zach, but when that didn’t work out, she developed an interest in Lawson. Lawson, however, reportedly only has eyes for Jinger now.


And while stealing a man out from underneath your sister is always a no-no, this swoop stings just a little bit more for Jana, who is the oldest Duggar female sibling and under extreme pressure to marry, because at 25 years old, she’s considered too old to be unwed. She’s also reportedly eager to break away from her huge family.

Jinger might have not only stolen Jana’s romantic interest, but she might have also stolen her one-way ticket away from Jim Bob and Michelle and into the Bates roost.

It’s all very Shakespearean.

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