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7 Things Rumer Willis and Chris Soules actually have in common

All right, people, calm down — there’s nothing to see here. At least there’s not according to Rumer Willis.

Just as dating rumors were starting to heat up about Willis and her former Dancing with the Stars co-star Chris Soules after the two were getting friendly at a New York Knicks game on Wednesday, Willis has gone and shut the whole thing down.

We became friends from the show, and he happened to be in town, and he invited me to the game,” Willis told People magazine on Thursday. “It’s really nothing more than that.”

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Though we were kind of stoked at the idea of the least-expected DWTS couple of the century, there were plenty of people around the Internet that vehemently disagreed with us.

But before naysayers start rejoicing over Willis’ denial of the relationship, let us remind everyone that just because a celeb denies dating someone, doesn’t necessary mean they aren’t dating.

And, come on, this Instagram selfie looks pretty cozy.

Besides, on the outside they might seem like an unlikely couple, but the two actually have way more in common than one might think.

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1. Rustic roots

Soules is an Iowa farmer, and Willis was practically raised in the country as well — she lived in the small town of Hailey, Idaho, from 1996 to 2003. Iowa, Idaho; po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Am I right?

2. Hollywood twist

Let’s be real here. After a bit of time on the Hollywood party scene, Soules isn’t exactly straight off the Iowa turnip truck anymore. Both he and Willis are kind of a great blend between country mouse/city mouse at this point.

3. They’re used to the spotlight

Sure, they come from different upbringings, but Soules and Willis are two very special kinds of celebrity: a reality star and the child of two mega actors. When you go on a show like The Bachelor, you basically sign away all your rights to any kind of private life, and when you’re Hollywood royalty, lack of privacy is your birthright. Something tells us that Soules and Willis could bond over living under the microscope.

4. They value family

Willis is extremely close to her sisters, and the Moore/Willis clan as a whole has always been a model of how a post-divorce family should function. And where did Soules run to after his very public split from Whitney Bischoff? His family farm.

5. They were both adorable children

And we all know that the union of two parents who were adorable as kids always yields adorable babies.

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6. They’re not afraid to get silly

Get a man/woman laughing and get them loving.

7. There’s always the dance

How can they fight when they’re both practically professional dancers? In our mind’s eye, every argument would just melt away into a passionate tango.

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