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Scandal‘s Olivia & Fitz vs. Mellie & Cyrus: Who will prevail?

The field has been set for Scandal‘s Season 5 chess game — and the matchup, surprisingly, isn’t looking so promising for Olivia and Fitz.

The two have been through their fair share of ups and down, so it’s fair to assume that Olivia and Fitz can survive pretty much anything. But we would never want Cyrus and Mellie coming after us, which means this might just be the biggest challenge Fitz and Olivia have faced as a couple yet. Wait, scratch that. This is definitely the biggest challenge they have faced. And they’re going to do it all in the public eye.

Not only are they trying to navigate the new rules of their relationship as an out and proud president and his mistress, but now they have to worry about Mellie plotting behind their backs with Cyrus close at their heels.

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And, all in all, we can’t really blame Mellie for finally not rolling over to Fitz’s desires. She was right in that final scene to feel the need to be selfish after caving to Fitz’s needs for so long. If he doesn’t want to be her teammate anymore, then she doesn’t have to be loyal to him.

We’re absolutely rooting for Olivia and Fitz to work out, of course. But it also completely makes sense where Cyrus and Mellie are coming from.

Fitz was especially harsh to Cyrus tonight, who was all amped up to come back until the president swiftly shut down any hope Cyrus may have had of rejoining the White House. We get the need to be blunt, but did he have to be so mean? It kinda broke our hearts to watch the way Cyrus’ face fell.

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But the “more wine moment” really came in the sneak peek for next week’s episode where the show set up the fact that Olivia and Fitz might not survive the wrath of Cyrus and Mellie. Olivia can be seen sobbing on the phone and saying she can’t take it anymore.

A cracked Olivia is not an Olivia we want to see, especially when Cyrus isn’t there to tell her not to be a little bitch baby. Fitz certainly doesn’t have the gumption to give Olivia the pep talk; we all know who wears the pants in that relationship. And Abby is still emerging as a potential new Olivia in the world of Washington. Sure, she stood up to Olivia tonight, but we certainly don’t expect her to come back swinging so soon.

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All in all, the only ones who are going to be able to save Fitz and Olivia’s relationship are Fitz and Olivia.

They are also tasked with saving it in the correct way. We just can’t see Olivia living a healthy and productive life for the next 50 years without her gladiators. She had better never give up her fixer status. Honestly, she and Fitz will always love each other; we’ve established that. That isn’t in the red zone right now. What’s in the red zone and what’s most likely to be attacked by Cyrus and Mellie first is Olivia’s credibility once and for all. Abby already took that first swing tonight and it most definitely was some blood in the water. The sharks won’t be circling for long in the coming episodes.

Do you think Fitz and Olivia will survive the coming attacks?

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