Don't Be Tardy's Kim Zolciak criticized by fans for ridiculous attire

Oct 9, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. ET
Image: Bravo

Practical attire is not exactly a familiar concept for Kim Zolciak. The former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star loves high heels and tight skirts, even when they are completely inappropriate for the occasion. Unfortunately, her designer duds got in the way during tonight's episode of Don't Be Tardy, which featured a hilarious visit to the farm.

The thought of being seen in anything but the fanciest of clothing is evidently very frightening for Zolciak, who dressed up to the nines so that she could visit a farm and, later, play matchmaker at the driving range. In both situations, Zolciak's impractical outfits got in the way and made her look completely ridiculous.

Kim Zolciak farming
Image: Bravo

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First, Zolciak missed the mark with her farm attire. Her hunt for healthy food was oddly reminiscent of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on The Simple Life. Like Hilton and Richie, Zolciak seemed very out of her element. She somehow thought that wearing a pair of designer flip-flops would be a good idea. The reality star made a point of letting everybody know that she was very, very worried about getting poop on her precious Louis Vuitton sandals. She would have had absolutely nothing to worry about if she had planned ahead and worn old sneakers, but Zolciak would probably rather step in animal droppings than be seen in unfashionable footwear.

Kim Zolciak outfit
Image: Bravo

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The poor fashion choices did not end with Zolciak's visit to the farm. Later, when she and Kroy Biermann accompanied Shun Melson to the driving range, Zolciak decided that strappy heels and a tight skirt would be perfect for such an occasion. Clearly, she had no intention of actually swinging a golf club. She did give a half-hearted attempt, but it quickly became clear that her ensemble was going to constantly be in the way.

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Several Twitter users took issue with Zolciak's attire. The reality star was called out on multiple occasions for looking too put together.


Although Zolciak received a ton of criticism on Twitter, at least one fan seemed to appreciate her efforts.


Don't Be Tardy would feel a lot more like reality if Zolciak managed to put away her fancy clothes for just a moment or two and just enjoy being with her friends and family members. Then again, that would not be Zolciak's reality, but rather, reality for a normal, sneaker-wearing woman. And knowing how much of an emphasis this reality star places on style, it's hard to picture her in anything that doesn't involve cleavage, high heels and perfectly coiffed tresses.

What did you think of Kim Zolciak's outfits on tonight's episode of Don't Be Tardy? Comment and share your opinion below.

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