Heroes Reborn's recent death leaves 7 questions completely unanswered

Oct 8, 2015 at 10:19 p.m. ET
Image: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Not only did Episode 4 of Heroes Reborn bring even more questions and confusion, but it brought the death of a well-known character — and one from the original series of Heroes. Obviously, major spoilers are ahead, so if you've yet to watch Thursday's episode, read no further.

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Molly Walker, played by Francesca Eastwood, died and it shocked both viewers and Noah Bennet. At the end of the episode, Noah finally found Molly at Renautas, where she was being held by Erica Kravid. Since Noah had his memory erased by The Haitian, he's trying to piece together the tragic and life-changing events of June 13, aka the day Claire Bennet died and Evos became known as terrorists. Molly was the key to most of those answers, but before Noah could get any of his questions answered, Molly shot and killed herself. Before she died, Molly told Noah, "Forget the past, save the future." Hmm... is this the new "save the cheerleader, save the world"?


Whatever the case, Molly Walker's death leaves many unanswered questions, including these.

1. How did Claire die?


Seriously, how did the girl who couldn't die, well, die? Not only does Noah need to know, but so do viewers — and stat.

2. What happened on June 13?


Fans know there was some type of explosion and so-called terrorist attack in Odessa, killing a massive amount of individuals. With that said, details surrounding the tragic event still remain unknown, including the exact cause of it.

3. What is "the location"?


Molly mentioned that she didn't give up "the location" to Erica. The location of what? Or should fans be asking the location of whom? Remember when it was revealed that Claire's location is "unknown"? Maybe that is the same location Molly mentioned.

4. Why did Noah erase his memory?


Did Noah have his memory erased to not remember Claire's death? Or is he trying to protect others from something dangerous he just happens to know about?

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5. Who is "we"?


Before she died, Molly said, "We all knew what was at stake." Um, who is "we"? Apparently, others are involved in this big mystery.

6. Who is "them"?


Molly also told Noah they agreed "to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe." Does she mean the Evos? Who is she referring to?

7. Why does Erica want to kill 7 billion people?


I mean, it's pretty clear that Erica is villainous, but to kill 7 billion people? Yeah, that's not good.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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