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Project Runway: Fans shocked as Tim Gunn loses his mind

There are only a handful of designers left on this season of Project Runway, so it’s about time for things to start breaking down — and Tim Gunn’s behavior tonight proved it’s not just the contestants who get fed up.

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Tim Gunn
Image: Lifetime

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn has a history of telling it like it is, or like he sees it, and designers take his critique seriously. More often than not, he’s frustrated and even snarky with the contestants, but still manages to let them know he’s confident in their abilities, and, if the judges decide to send them home, he’s sad to see them go.

This week, though, viewers and designers saw a different side of Tim Gunn, when he totally lost his composure with Swapnil when he saw that he had nothing for his model to try on after the designers had already been working for one day of the two-day challenge. There was swearing and Tim demanded to know why Swapnil was even in the competition. (His answer was that he wants to figure out who he is as a designer.) Some of the show’s Twitter followers were totally shocked by Tim’s behavior and thought there was no excuse for it.

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Swapnil has admitted to slacking off this season, taking a lot of smoke breaks while still managing to get by and even win several challenges. Viewers were frustrated by his lack of trying, especially when the other designers were clearly giving it 100 percent, and so when Tim confronted him, many felt Swapnil was more than deserving of the ire.

On the runway, Swapnil confessed to making the whole (sad, unimaginative) outfit for his model in about two hours — and the judges eliminated him. We’re still waiting for Tim to use his save, and many fans thought he’d use it on Swapnil, but he didn’t. Instead of hugging Swapnil goodbye, the two ignored each other. There are five designers left now, vying for Fashion Week.

Swapnil's outfit is awful
Image: Lifetime

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Did Tim go too far or did Swapnil deserve it? Do you think he should have been eliminated? Who are you rooting for among the remaining five designers?

Project Runway Fashion Week slideshow

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