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The Kardashians are reportedly icing Scott Disick out of Los Angeles

The Kardashians don’t mess around when it comes to people messing with their family.

And now that Scott Disick is officially out of the circle of trust, the family is reportedly making moves to make his life in Los Angeles a veritable hell. Sources close to the family have allegedly told Radar Online that they are officially making Disick public enemy No. 1. “Scott’s just gone from bad to worse,” the source said. “He talks a good talk, but the family has had enough and they are all closing ranks around him now.”


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The source reveals that means they are trying to ice him out of Los Angeles altogether, squeezing him out the same way they did with Khloé’s ex, Lamar Odom. And they are doing it with an obscene amount of money to keep his mouth shut.

“Once he signs that $20 million settlement with all the bans on tell-alls and spilling family secrets firmly in place, they want to stitch him up so he can no longer find any work in LA,” the source said.

“They want him out of town and away from Kourtney and it’s going to happen on their terms, not his. He’ll get very limited access to the kids and for a very good reason — he’s drunk all the time now and not fit to look after them. He’s a lost cause.”

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Hopefully Disick isn’t a lost cause, because I never want to count anyone out, especially if they are going through substance abuse problems. Maybe, just maybe, he can get his life back on track enough to be a part of his children’s lives. But from the sounds of it, even if he does, it might be hard for that to happen.

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