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Is Scott Disick’s latest Instagram post an attempt to win Kourtney back?

Scott Disick is persona non grata around the Kardashian clan, but that’s not stopping him from making some very transparent attempts at getting Kourtney back.

Disick, who was kicked to the curb by Kardashian after photos surfaced of him getting a little too cozy with another woman, posted the titillating snap of Kardashian — from a Vanity Fair shoot — on his Instagram feed today with some flirty words.

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Whatever Disick’s motivation for the post may have been, it seems clear that Kardashian isn’t having it, especially after more photos of Disick cavorting with various women have surfaced.

“Kourtney knew this would be coming,” an insider told People. “Seeing Scott in photos with other girls still hurts, of course, but they are broken up.

“She just doesn’t want drama,” said the source. “She wants it to be clean and to move on.”

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But Disick’s pals claim that despite his social media posts, he definitely would rather continue going off the rails than reunite his family. “Unless there’s a miracle, he’s not getting back with Kourtney,” one explained. “He feels free and ready to have fun.”

And there does seem to be plenty of that. Disick has been on a downward spiral for months. Despite a short-lived stint in a Costa Rica rehab facility, he quickly went back to drinking and partying, and as of late has picked up an 18-year-old girlfriend. Lindsay Vrckovnik is a model/college student/artist with whom Disick has been spotted partying and canoodling all over New York City — even heading back to his hotel room together at 6 a.m. You know, right about the time Kardashian is getting up for the day with their three children.

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