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18 Things to Know About Keleigh Sperry, Miles Teller’s Fiancée

10. And his friends

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FANTASTIC 5 @katemara @jamiebell @michaeljordan @bish

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She fits right in.

11. That kind of low-key includes the Obamas

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Thank you. 🇺🇸

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Of course they’ve met the greatest first family of our generation.

12. She comes from a big family

Sperry has five siblings and is totally stoked that her family is quickly multiplying.

13. She’s inspired by her man

OK, but how sweet is that?

14. She’s a Libra

Born October 16, 1992, Sperry’s Libra clearly meshes well with Teller’s Pisces. According, when a Libra and Pisces are in a relationship, it’s an even-tempered romance. “These two Signs are very compatible, making for a truly smooth-sailing love affair.”

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15. Her brother is in the tent business

In November 2017, Sperry tweeted her support for her brother’s bed tent business, Privacy Pop. We won’t lie; these look fantastic for camping. You can get one for your dog too!

16. She’s a believer (maybe)

Sperry retweeted WikiLeaks back in December 2017 when news spread that Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge was exchanging UFO-related emails with Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Does this mean she believes in aliens? We can only hope.

17. She’s an ambassador

In March 2017, Sperry announced via Instagram that she became the first woman ambassador and advisor to the Prime Minister of Uganda. Go, girl!

18. She gives back

Sperry traveled to Uganda with her mom and dad as part of Wells of Life, in hopes of helping to give back to the children there. They traveled throughout Africa, visiting schools and even donated a water well. What an inspiration.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2017.

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