Sister Wives' Robyn reportedly innocent in Meri's catfishing scandal

Oct 8, 2015 at 1:55 p.m. ET
Image: TLC

Robyn's friend is setting the record straight about all the Sister Wives rumors that are cropping up along with Meri's catfishing affair scandal.

According to the friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, who spoke with Radar Online, Robyn wasn't involved at all in Meri's drama.

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As previously revealed, Meri had an online relationship with a man named Sam Cooper, and Meri left at least 10 voice mails telling Sam how unhappy she was with her polygamist husband Kody Brown.

Following the leaked voice mails, there were rumors that Robyn knew of the burgeoning relationship between Meri and Cooper but did nothing to warn Meri when she found out that Meri was being catfished and the relationship was a lie.

Pollard-Parra claims that simply isn't true.

"She was not aware of what was going on until Meri and the family decided to talk about it," Pollard-Parra revealed.

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She added, "She knew nothing about it — what Meri knew is still up in the air."

In Touch Weekly is reporting that "Sam Cooper" isn't the [6-foot-6-inch] man from Chicago he claimed, but rather a woman using a false identity. "Sam," on the other hand, maintains that he is real and is a man.

There were even reports that Robyn triggered the scandal to gain status within the polygamist family. Meri and Kody official divorced last year, on paper only, so Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children. Once he had adopted the children, he could then provide them health care, which was a decision every member of the Brown family was said to be on board with. In fact, the divorce was said to be Meri's idea so that Robyn's children could be supported.

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Pollard-Para supported these claims. "All the reports that Robyn is creating all this to become the first wife [aren't] true at all. Meri wanted to protect the kids; you should be married to adopt kids. Meri surprised Kody with the idea, Robyn did not know — it was a gift."

But that gift might have had ulterior motives now that it's clear just how unhappy Meri truly was in her relationship with Kody.

The next step for the Brown family following Meri's emotional online affair is still unknown.

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