No one wants Farrah Abraham's DNA — and apparently this is surprising

Oct 8, 2015 at 8:45 a.m. ET
Image: Lexi Jones/

Farrah Abraham has made some controversial decisions in her career, and it seems they may be coming back to bite her (because no one wants a piece of her DNA).

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It was previously reportedly that the Teen Mom OG star was involved in a collaboration with Celebrity Gene — a company that uses the liquefied DNA of celebs and places it inside a necklace for consumers to buy — but Abraham's may be the company's worst investment yet.

According to TMZ, the necklaces have been on the market for four months (with part of the proceeds going to a charity of Abraham's choice, Operation Underground Railroad), but not even one person has purchased a necklace, a rep for the company claims. And so, the reality star has reportedly been fired from the gig.

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TMZ has obtained a letter from Celebrity Gene's publicity company, ZTPR, who reportedly blasted Abraham, saying she "would much rather talk about your female body parts in order to generate more profits for yourself" rather than charity.

Abraham reportedly does nothing to promote the DNA necklace, but she's excited to promote her sex toys, and the publicity company referenced a quote from her to back up their claims. The quote reads, "Another one of my absolute favorites is my full on vibrating p**** and ass molded from my very own body." Gross.

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Celebrity Gene is now cutting ties from Abraham, but all the future profits from the necklace will go solely to the charity she chose.

Are you surprised this venture failed? Or would you have been more surprised if everyone wanted a piece of Farrah Abraham's DNA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.