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Teen Mom 2 reunion sparks speculation about Leah and Corey’s affair

Last week’s portion of the Teen Mom 2 reunion was pretty darn dramatic, but things only got worse for the second half. Chelsea Houska’s segment was predictably boring, but Leah Messer’s portion was a complete disaster, thanks to continued bickering with Corey and Miranda Simms.

Rumors of a post-split affair between Messer and Simms have been swirling for some time, but during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, disgruntled spouse Miranda Simms added fuel to the fire. Although she has never exactly been a huge fan of her husband’s ex, she seemed especially hostile while filming the reunion. According to fans of the show, this was prompted by lingering resentment surrounding Messer and Simms’ alleged affair. She didn’t flat-out accuse Messer of messing around with her husband, but the new Mrs. Simms did hint that the two had gotten a little too close for comfort.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky tried his best to get more information about “the incident” from Simms, but all she was willing to say was that Messer had been “disrespectful to [her] marriage.” Messer also managed to dodge some of Dr. Drew’s questions, but one of her answers made fans think that things had indeed gotten hot and heavy between her and Simms. She explained, “Things happened that shouldn’t have happened and it was disrespectful to Miranda and I have apologized.”

Leah and Corey
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Prior to Messer and Simms’ hints of an affair, the infidelity rumors were largely spurred by a clip from Season 5’s Unseen Moments with Dr. Drew. In this clip, Messer claimed that Simms had cheated on his new wife, although the name of his mistress was not mentioned at that time. Further speculation was fueled by an old social media post in which Messer insisted that her ex’s new marriage was far from perfect.

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Although rumors of Messer and Simms’ affair are not exactly new, fans who had all but forgotten about the supposed infidelity started talking about it once again during tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Prior to the reunion, fans expressed disagreement surrounding the affair rumors, but after hearing Simms and Messer tiptoe around “the incident,” pretty much everybody agreed that something happened between the two.

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If Messer really did have an affair, it’s easy to see why Jeremy Calvert was so eager to ditch his marriage. Unfortunately, given how reluctant everybody is to talk about “the incident,” fans may never know what really happened.

Do you think Leah Messer and Corey Simms had an affair after they divorced? Comment and share your opinion below.

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