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Survivor unleashes tribal swap twist nobody saw coming

Sure, the show has swapped tribes before, but never like this. The 18 remaining contestants tossed their buffs into the sand while exchanging shocked faces as Jeff Probst revealed they would expand from two tribes to three.

Surprising swap

The new Survivor: Second Chance tribal divisions created a trio of fresh tribes with six members each. The newly formed Angkor tribe had to start from scratch at a different beach, which meant they also had to spend time building a new shelter. Who landed on which tribe? Check out the breakdown below.

Bayon: Monica, Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer, Kimmi and Kelly.

Ta Keo: Keith, Kass, Joe, Sierra, Kelley and Terry.

Angkor: Woo, Andrew, Jeff, Peih-Gee, Tasha and Abi-Maria.

Andrew was overwhelmed that everything was starting off on a new foot. “It’s devastating,” he said in front of everybody when Probst asked how he was feeling. He was also open about himself and Tasha being instantly on the outs as the only two people on Angkor not from the original Ta Keo.

The new trio of tribes quickly became a hot topic on social media.

Even former castaways were digging the triple tribe swap twist.

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Idol lies and sneakiness

It didn’t take long for the drama to kick into gear, either. Kelley, who secretly found a hidden Immunity Idol at the first challenge, was doing her best to throw Terry under the bus. She was telling everybody that he was spending hours hunting for an Idol.

Speaking of hidden Immunity Idols, Jeremy found his tribe’s clue at the Bayon camp explaining where he would find his prize at the upcoming challenge. Although he wasn’t as smooth at snatching the Idol during the challenge, Jeremy found it and secretly stashed it away in his shorts.

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Another one snuffed out

After Angkor lost the first three-way challenge, Jeff Varner started mouthing words to some members of the Bayon tribe. Catching him in the act, Tasha jumped right in front of Varner and voiced loudly that their tribe had a rat. Varner denied any wrongdoing.

While it seemed Varner was an easy target after his post-challenge lip service, strategies quickly twisted up at Angkor’s camp surrounding Abi-Maria and Peih-Gee’s past. Both were ready to vote the other out. At Tribal Council, the majority opted to oust Peih-Gee, which baffled some Twitter users.

Instead of being thankful for sticking around, Abi-Maria turned to Woo and blurted out it was the second time he’s voted against her. Uh-oh. The wrath of the Brazilian soap opera is about to sizzle down on you, Woo! Are you prepared?

Peih-Gee Law cast photo for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

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What are your thoughts on the tribal swap? What is your favorite tribe now? Are you surprised Peih-Gee was voted off so early in the season? Who do you hope wins the entire game? Weigh in and deliver your thoughts by leaving a comment now.

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