Denise Richards’ new Christmas movie gets the Freaky Friday treatment

Denise Richards stars with William Baldwin and Tom Arnold in Christmas Trade, a family movie perfect for the holidays.

Christmas Trade
Image: Cinedigm

We all remember the classic body-swap movie Freaky Friday, where a mom and her teenage daughter manage to exchange bodies and truly explore all the exciting, possibly stressful things the other is going through in their daily lives. It’s the ultimate fantasy for anyone who feels misunderstood or under-appreciated.

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Now, just in time for the holidays, a new film called Christmas Trade shows what it’s like when a widowed father, Mitch Taylor (William Baldwin), a busy, self-centered lawyer switches bodies with his pre-teen son, Robbie (Michael Campion), who’s getting bullied at school.

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An odd-looking, magical teddy bear, along with an electrical storm, seem to create a bizarre situation causing the two souls to get mixed up. Mitch’s colleague, Chloe (Denise Richards), is shocked when the whole office is talking about Mitch’s “meltdown” that takes place right before the holiday party.

The teddy bear in the Santa hat and red plaid scarf has eyes that glow and a furry body that shakes back and forth, clearly casting some kind of spell on the father and son. Hopefully, both will learn good lessons from the experience.

William Baldwin has always seemed like a big kid at heart, so he makes the perfect casting choice to play a boy trapped in a man’s body.

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Gus (Tom Arnold) is the teddy bear repair man with a plan to “fix” the bear, hopefully restoring both father and son into their correct bodies, but not without allowing for plenty of holiday fun to be had along the way.

Christmas Trade will be available Nov. 3 on DVD and will premiere on UPTV on Nov. 8.