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Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean will be threatened by more than the Darkness

It’s official: Supernatural is back and so are all the problems Sam and Dean Winchester can’t help but encounter. It’s been known that Season 11 would feature the Darkness, but I had no idea it would affect Sam and Dean so personally. As the premiere teased, Sam and Dean have their work cut out for them, especially when their lives are being threatened by much more than the ominous Darkness.

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Right off the bat, it appears that the Darkness might be much more than an evil entity. It seems like it’s a person. That’s right; according to Dean (who just had a casual conversation with the Darkness after it engulfed the Impala), the Darkness is a woman. FYI, she is played by Emily Swallow and, as previously announced by TV Line, her character’s name is Amara. So, the Darkness = Amara? Maybe? Moving on.

Per Dean, Amara saved Dean during the eruption of the Darkness and not just because she probably thinks he is cute, but because Dean is bound to the Darkness. What? That’s right, because Dean and Sam removed the Mark of Cain from Dean, they helped Amara. So what does that mean? Amara is bound to Dean and she will always help him, just like he will always help her. Oh, it gets much worse. Amara is sporting the Mark of Cain. So, I guess her and Dean have a lot in common. If that isn’t bad enough, throughout the episode, Sam and Dean saved a baby, who also happens to be named Amara and, wait for it, also has the Mark of Cain in the same location as this other Amara. Does this mean adult Amara and baby Amara are the same person?

Whatever the case, the Winchesters’ troubles don’t stop there. It appears the Darkness also infects (it’s transmittable) people and makes them kill, but after a short while, they die. Of course, while trying to do the right thing, as always, Sam gets infected by the Darkness. Maybe, just maybe, seeing as Sam is different than the normal human, he’ll react differently? After all, Sam is Lucifer’s vessel and has demon blood inside him, so there’s a good chance his symptoms won’t be the same as others infected by the Darkness.

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Basically, the Darkness is really screwing with both Sam and Dean. Fans are used to seeing one brother or the other struggling with some type of evil, but this time around they are both being affected by it. Yeah, they really need a cure, and stat.

Anyway, as foreboding as this Darkness/Amara is, there’s another threat looming — Sam and Dean’s secret-keeping. Despite Dean and Sam having a conversation about how they need to change in order to fight what’s ahead, they are both still keeping secrets. When will they ever learn? Dean didn’t tell Sam all of the details from his conversation with Amara, nor did Sam tell Dean he got infected. Well, there’s no doubt the next time Dean sees Sam he’ll know he’s infected. However, I can only hope Dean will confide in Sam so they can work together to fight the Darkness, because they need to lean on each other more than ever.

Not to mention, according to Crowley’s minions (yes, Crowley is still alive — yay!), half of Hell is freaking out about the Darkness, including Michael and/or Lucifer, who are still trapped in the cage. Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Sam and Dean, get it together and stop keeping secrets or you’ll never escape the wrath of the Darkness.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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