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Duck Dynasty‘s Jase Robertson kicked out of Trump hotel for looking homeless

Jase Robertson is obviously not a sharply dressed enough man!

Long before Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson was campaigning for Donald Trump to be president, his older brother was chums with the Donald and his family already. And the story of how they came to know each other is pretty hilarious. It stems from one Trump hotel employee’s judgment of Robertson’s apparent shabby looks.

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The camo-wearing reality TV star told People, “I was here in New York a couple of years ago, and I get escorted out of the Trump hotel that I was staying in. But a guy, when I asked him where the bathroom is, he looked at me, and thought, ‘Right this way,’ and he grabbed my arm, took me outside and pointed at Central Park and said, ‘Have a nice day.'”

Talk about embarrassing. The Robertsons are kind of famous for their low-key style, generally opting to wear camo-anything to go with their bandanas and long — really long — beards. Obviously, this particular employee doesn’t watch reality TV. Or maybe he just doesn’t like hunting?

The incident led to Robertson forming a bond with the presidential hopeful’s family since word got back to Trump and he immediately called to apologize, offering to take care of Robertson next time he was in town.

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Not one to turn down an offer like that — who would?— Robertson took him up on it and ended up getting along pretty well with Trump’s son, Donald Jr., over a common bond.

“We actually hit it off because he has a heart for kids with the same condition as Mia. I had no idea of that at the time, and when I learned that and saw what Willie did, I was like, ‘Well, anyone who has a heart for kids with cleft lip and palate is a positive on my list.'”

I know by now you are wondering exactly what I was wondering: Does he support Trump for president like his brother does?

Robertson said, “I think we have a good crop [of candidates] this year — a lot of good people to choose from — so I’m excited about the process.”

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