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7 Gossip Girl audition moments that are must-sees for any fan (VIDEO)

Blake Lively’s just-uncovered Gossip Girl audition has started an Internet frenzy this week since she clearly was meant to play Serena van der Woodsen long before she actually booked the role.

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But do her costars live up to their characters? Check out the other Gossip Girl audition moments below and judge for yourself, starting with the leading lady herself.

1. Blake Lively

Lively takes on a scene from the first episode of the series in her audition and delivers a stunning similar performance to the one that ended up on-screen.

2. Chace Crawford

Sure, he’s refined his acting abilities over the years, now taking on the all-new dramatic role in ABC’s Blood & Oil, but Chace Crawford‘s Gossip Girl audition proves he’s always had talent and that Nate Archibald swagger.
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3. Ed Westwick

Whether he’s talking with his English accent or going all-American as the Chuck Bass we came to know and love, Ed Westwick is the billionaire playboy through and through.

4. Leighton Meester

We may not have Leighton Meester‘s original Gossip Girl audition tapes, but even without them, no one can doubt she is the perfect Blair Waldorf.

5. Taylor Momsen

Even in her audition, Taylor Momsen was bringing all the sass of Jenny Humphrey.

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6. Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr’s entry into the world of Gossip Girl wasn’t so much about her audition, but rather being at the right barbecue at the right time and rocking the right hair. Yup, really.

7. Penn Badgley

Now this is one audition that someone, somewhere needs to track down. Unfortunately, Penn Badgley’s interview about his Gossip Girl audition will have to do for now.

And just in case these audition videos aren’t enough to satisfy your behind-the-scenes Gossip Girl needs, check out these hilarious Season 6 bloopers that were found in the video below.

Which Gossip Girl star do you think gave the best audition?

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