Fuller House gives Kimmy Gibbler the hottest ex-husband ever (PHOTOS)

Oct 7, 2015 at 5:07 p.m. ET

Have mercy!

Sure, we've been crushing on Uncle Jesse since long before we were even old enough to date, but there's always room for another hottie on our favorite show — and let's face it, Netflix's Fuller House is about to be our new obsession.

The powers that be behind the Fuller House sequel have gifted us with said hottie in the form of Kimmy Gibbler's "passionate" ex-husband, Fernando, portrayed by actor Juan Pablo Di Pace, according to Deadline.

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Side note: "The powers that be" just happen actually to be John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, who is producing the show. Passing the torch much?

Here are some things to know about Di Pace before you watch Fuller House's big debut.

1. He was Jesus


Di Pace played Jesus on NBC's now-canceled show, A.D. The Bible Continues. You might also recognize him as Nicolas Trevino/Joaquin from CBS' Dallas.

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2. He can sing


In addition to acting, Di Pace also has a musical career. He has several music videos and also has an extensive background in musical theater. Check him out in action.


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3. And dance


Di Pace has been described as a triple threat, and you probably saw those come into play when he portrayed Petros on the big-screen version of Mamma Mia! alongside Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. He also played the role of Danny Zuko in an Italian production of Grease and Tony Manero in a stage production of Saturday Night Fever in Madrid.


4. And direct


Di Pace also has directed several short films, including one titled La Belleza, which debuted at Cannes, according to his official website. In addition, he also wrote and produced an award-winning one-man show in 2012.

5. He's a family man


Di Pace is very close with his sister, Victoria, and niece, Malena. He also posted a throwback photo of his parents on Instagram over the summer, which clearly showcases where his good looks came from.


6. He's an international man of mystery


Di Pace was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has also lived in Italy, Spain and the U.K., according to his Facebook page.

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7. He's close with James Bond


James Bond, the cat, that is! Di Pace is obviously a fan of the franchise — and his kitty.

Juan Pablo Di Pace seems kind of perfect for our beloved Kimmy Gibbler. Don't you agree?