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Mob Wives‘ Karen Gravano extends an olive branch to costar Victoria Gotti

Karen Gravano and Victoria Gotti seemingly have all the reason in the world to dislike each other, but Gravano actually is interested in making peace with her fellow mob daughter. The Mob Wives stars may never be friends, but according to Gravano, they’ll always share a common bond.

Gravano and Gotti are not exactly best buds, but in the world of reality television, relationships can change quickly. Although Gotti is not particularly interested in being BFFs with Gravano, there is still some potential for a reconciliation between the daughters of two of history’s most influential mobsters.

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During a recent chat with Cooper Lawrence and Vikki Ziegler of Hollywood Hookups and Breakups, Gravano mentioned how Gotti “bashed Mob Wives for years… calling us train wrecks.” Then, Season 5 arrived, and Gotti decided to “jump on the train.” Although the implication is that Gotti has engaged in some major hypocrisy, Gravano insists she has no interest in bashing her fellow reality star. In fact, she would love to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Gotti, as the two have more in common than they previously would have cared to admit.

For example, both are very familiar with the unusual life of a mob princess. And both have been forced to give up a lot because of their respective families’ involvement with the mob.

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Gravano believes the biggest similarity between her and Gotti is that, during their darkest days, they were “both daughters who loved [their] fathers.” Now that her dad is no longer heavily involved in her day-to-day life, Gravano wishes she could spend more time with him — and she’s sure that Gotti also misses her dad. Of course, the circumstances are very different, as John Gotti suffered throat cancer and died more than a decade ago. Still, both gals know what it’s like to long for the company of their beloved fathers.

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If, in some alternate universe, Gravano and Gotti were able to set aside their differences long enough to sit down together and hash out their differences, they could potentially change the legacy of their feuding families. Sadly, Gotti hasn’t been particularly open to the idea of a reconciliation. That might actually be a good thing, for, as Gravano concedes, reality television has a way of distorting things. Had the two attempted to film a peaceful meeting for Mob Wives, it very well could have “escalated into becoming something stupid, or an argument.”

A Mob Wives truce may not be in Gravano and Gotti’s future, but the two could eventually come to some kind of understanding away from VH1’s filming crews. Until then, Gravano holds no ill will toward Gotti and — believe it or not — wishes her the best.

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