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Our Little Family enjoys a full week of celebrations!

This is a big week of celebrating for us in the Hamill household. We have Canada Day, and then we have the Fourth of July.

I get a lot of questions about what Canadians do to celebrate Canada Day. Guess what? They do the same thing that we do on America’s birthday. They have parades, barbecues and fireworks. All we do for Canada Day is put out some Canadian flags. We are (or should I say Dan is) trying to teach the kids about some Canadian traditions. We feel it is good for the kids to know a little bit about where Dan comes from.

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I love to shop. (What girl doesn’t?) The shop The Lucky Knot was so much fun to shop in. I could have bought everything in that store. Alie was a good trooper. She was not in love with everything in the store because it was a little too preppy for her, but she did find something that she liked. You don’t see the dress that I bought, but let me tell you, it is adorable. I have worn it a lot! The ladies that own the store are a mother-and-daughter team. They were great, they made us laugh so much and made our shopping experience so much fun. This scene has to be one of my favorites that we shot this season. I haven’t had that much fun shopping in a long time.

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My girls spend a lot of time together, and they know how to play with each other. Sometimes they play together well, and sometimes not so well. When we went into this art class, they went into it not knowing anyone but themselves, but all the other girls knew each other because they had been together in this art class for a while. One advantage of being twins is that you walk into situations with a friend and a support system!

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There was a scene that did not make this episode, and that was when my friend Liz and I went to a trampoline park. Talk about fun! I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or the kids. You could jump on a trampoline and try to put the ball in a hoop, and jump into a pile of foam squares. When we left there, we all felt like we were still jumping. It was crazy! That really wiped out my kids. They took a nice long nap after that, well, and let’s just say I did, too!

Thank you so much for watching and all of your support. Dan and I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate it!

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