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Sister Wives voicemails reveal the depths of Meri’s affair

More details are emerging about Meri Brown’s online affair.

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The Sister Wives star was forced earlier this week to admit that she got catfished by her online lover. Now, leaked voicemails Meri left for “Sam” have revealed the depths of the affair.

In the first of the two voicemails, posted to YouTube, Meri is clearly angry as she explains that she has not compared “Sam” to her spiritual husband, Kody Brown.

“I wasn’t, I wasn’t comparing you in any way — you know what, guess what? If I were to compare you, you would win on all counts,” she says. “You win on all f***ing levels. Now I’m pissed. You don’t think that — you don’t think that you’d be out? You don’t think that I think that you’re taller, better looking. Better looking, anyway. Kinder, sweeter, you care about me. You want me. You say that you’re willing to fight for me, you say all these things about love and affection and passion. So, yeah, if I were to compare you, you win all the time.”

She continues, “But that was not a comparison. I know the pain of that. That’s all that was. That’s not what I want with you. You know that.”

In the second voicemail, Meri is giving “Sam” directions, presumably so she can meet him.

“Give me a call,” she says at the end. “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I just do.”

The affair was revealed after a tumultuous year for Meri. Kody divorced Meri, his first — and only legal — wife, so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, in order to adopt her kids from a previous marriage. On the Season 6 premiere of Sister Wives, Kody basically locked the family out of participating in the marriage, which was understandably upsetting for Meri.

“There is part of me that feels just a little bit of rejection,” she said during the show.

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Are you watching the latest season of Sister Wives? Do you think Meri and Kody’s marriage will survive all the affair drama? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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