Scream Queens might have just unlocked the mystery of the bathtub baby

Oct 6, 2015 at 11:11 p.m. ET
Image: Hilary Gayle/Fox

Just when fans think they have Scream Queens figured out, the show throws another curveball. That's exactly what happened during Tuesday night's episode. Not only were more details revealed about the bathtub baby, but a new creepy story was introduced that showcased a familiar character in an interesting light.

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In addition to Grace and Pete learning that the bathtub baby is a girl (as revealed by a former and now-dead Kappa sorority sister), the tale of the "Hag of Shady Lane" was told. During the same year (1995) as the birth of the baby and the death of that sorority girl, there was a woman who lived on Shady Lane who was known for her moaning and howling. She liked to dress all in black, steal toys (aka creepy dolls) from all over the neighborhood and sit in her rocking chair surrounded by these toys. Oh, it doesn't stop there.

After Grace did some research, she discovered that this "Hag of Shady Lane" stole diapers and a crate of milk, which means she was totally taking care of the baby. Now, for the kicker. The identity of the so-called hag was revealed to the audience. It's Gigi! That's right, Nasim Pedrad's character who can't escape the '90s is the "Hag of Shady Lane!"


With that unveiling, this brings up even more questions, of course. How did Gigi get the baby? Did she kidnap it? Did someone give it to her? Oh, and why is she moaning all the time? Maybe she's so upset because the baby died? It's a good possibility that the baby isn't even alive.

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Gigi must know what happened the night of the bathtub baby's birth. Plus, she is a Kappa sister (or so she says), so she should definitely have answers. Maybe she was the Kappa sister holding the baby that night? Maybe she's the sister who was institutionalized?

Whatever the case, Gigi just might be the key to unlocking the details to the bathtub baby. Let's hope Grace keeps up the good detective work, because she needs to crack this case, stat, especially if she really thinks she is the bathtub baby.


Until then, here's what fans think about Gigi and the bathtub baby.


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