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Kathie Lee Gifford’s plan for moving on gets full fan support

Kathie Lee Gifford is ready to move on, just two months after her husband, Frank Gifford, passed away unexpectedly.

Frank died from natural causes and, just a few weeks ago, the New York Giants paid a touching tribute to the late former NFL player before a home game, which Gifford and her children attended.

But the Today show host has made the courageous decision to remove her wedding rings and sources close to the morning talk show celebrity say that she is, in fact, ready to move on. One source told Realty Today, “Kathie Lee thinks Frank would want her to fall in love again. She is a strong woman, but she would be safer not being alone. She also thinks that Frank would really want the love of his life to be cared for in her older years. She is open to the idea of falling in love.”

Now, fans — and haters — are weighing in online, and the outpouring of support for her personal decision is being met with positivity I don’t think I’ve ever seen on the interwebs.

A segment from Tuesday morning’s show was posted on the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page and the comments section reads like a love letter to Gifford; comment after comment of people telling Gifford they support her and they hope she finds love.

One person said, “Kathie Lee, I have a feeling Frank would want you to get out and begin again. He loved you and wanted you to be happy! No one else is walking in your shoes, you are! Be happy (careful) but happy!”

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Another fan of the show even said he didn’t like her but still thought she was on the right path, saying, “Kathie, I personally am not a fan of yours. Having said that everyone has a right to grieve as they need to. ‘NO ONE’ should judge you for how you live your live Now (sic)!”

One even thought that she and her late husband might have talked about life after one of them was gone: “I am sure that she and Frank discussed her moving on after he passed. He loved her and would have wanted her to be happy with someone who could bring her happiness and love. If she finds that person, God bless her. If she doesn’t, God bless her too.”

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Of course, there was the odd negative comment about her not wasting any time and that she removed her rings because she wanted to forget her cheating husband, but the vast majority of the comments mentioning her moving on are supportive.

Many people mentioned the fact that everyone grieves differently, so we shouldn’t judge how someone else grieves. And that is the truth; people can get past deaths any way they see fit, and if getting back into the dating pool makes her happy, more power to her and I hope she finds love again.

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