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Paige’s days with the Divas revolution may be numbered (VIDEO)

All the Divas wanted was to shake things up and change the way women’s wrestling was viewed.

And thus the Divas revolution was born. Called for by Paige after months of trying to win the WWE Divas Championship — although don’t say that around the Bellas — it now looks like there is a great paradigm shift happening right before our very eyes.

With the newly minted trio of Charlotte, Becky and Paige (Team PCB) teamed up together, an all-out Divas brawl led and matches that have moved women’s wrestling from a long bathroom break to a front and center event.

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Following the Divas’ beat-the-clock challenge, Charlotte finally overcame Bella’s 301-day reign, winning the Night of Champions. And on Monday Night Raw, Team PCB, along with Ric Flair, was celebrating Charlotte’s championship. She was waxing poetic about wanting to be like her Nature Boy daddy before turning to her teammates to give them the love she was feeling.

And what happened next could be the biggest bombshell in recent years.

It all started during the six-woman tag-team match between Team PCB and Team Bella at Madison Square Garden. Paige tagged herself in while Charlotte was just about to figure 8 leg-lock Nikki Bella. But then Bella proceeded to pin Paige.

During the celebratory festivities the following night, when Paige took the microphone from Charlotte during her monologue and exclaimed she was done being patronized by the champ, our minds just exploded.

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So, where does the team go from here? It appears with these revelations that the wresting organization is gearing up to pit these two teammates against each other.

Since the revolution served its purpose and the Diva’s brand and storylines are some of the most compelling storylines going on the WWE, it would make all the sense in the world. And packaged so perfectly with the dark goth girl against the bright pink blonde, they are literally made to be enemies.

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So what do you think? Is the Divas revolution headed for a breakup with former teammates Charlotte and Paige as enemies?

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