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iZombie will spoof a Real Housewife in Season 2, but who will it be?

If you’re an iZombie fan, chances are you are already pretty excited for the Season 2 premiere on Tuesday.

Season 1 went out with a bang, and as if our imaginations weren’t already running wild with what’s to come, now we’ve been given a juicy tidbit for the third episode that’s magnified our anticipation by, like, a million.

That’s right, folks, our favorite crime-fighting zombie will be chowing down on the brains of a Real Housewife, and Rose McIver, who plays Liv, apparently watched plenty of the reality franchise to nail down everybody’s favorite Housewife traits.

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The idea to have Liv eat Housewife brains is beyond genius, but it does raise the question: How much brain was there really to eat? Just kidding! Kind of.

Ramona Singer
Image: Giphy

“[Episode 3] is the best Rose has ever been,” iZombie co-creator, Rob Thomas, told reporters via E! News while revealing what kind of grey matter Liv will be consuming in Season 2. “It’s a Real Housewife brain and she is spectacular. She looks great and has every mannerism down… It’s so good!”

What could be more magical than an iZombie/Real Housewives crossover? We have full faith in McIver’s awesome acting abilities and are holding on to hope that these magical moments from Real Housewives might be brought back to life by iZombie.

Alexis Bellino’s limo meltdown

Alexis Bellino
Image: Giphy

Alex McCord’s “I’m catching flies” meltdown

Alec McCord
Image: Giphy

Brandi Glanville’s wine-throwing meltdown

Brandi Glanville
Image: Giphy

Tamra Judge’s wine-throwing meltdown

Tamra Barney
Image: Giphy

Teresa Guidice’s table-flipping meltdown

Teresa Guidice
Image: Giphy

Vicki Gunvalson’s Mexican bed-wetting meltdown

Tamra Barney
Image: Giphy

Basically, what we’re trying to say is, Liv had better have a meltdown, Housewives style.

Liv, of course, will be taking on multiple other interesting personalities throughout the season, including a grumpy old man modeled after All In the Family‘s Archie Bunker in the first episode, according to Thomas.

As if the above reasons aren’t enough to watch, co-star Robert Buckley also gave us a few more little teasers in a video on Twitter.

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“Ready for this one? Shirtlessness,” he said. “Not just me. Ravi.”

Check out everything Buckley had to say about Season 2 below, and check out the premiere of iZombie Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c on The CW.

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