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Big Freedia reveals the celeb she wishes was at the ‘Twerk of Art’ photo shoot

Katey Red: That’s my girl! She taught me everything I know, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Katey on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Katey lived in the Melphopmine projects, and I met her through my friend Addie at a block party. I started as her backup singer. Boy, we had some times together! Life is never boring around her.

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Skip on Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Wasn’t it sweet to see my dancer Skip on his shopping spree for his daughter? I love my dancers, ya heard me? We are all a family, and I’m proud that he’s taking care of his daughter. Speaking of Skip, now you know he wants to perform on Broadway — he’ll do it. He’ll be representin’ all of NOLA when he becomes a tap/bounce star. But did you know if I wasn’t a dancer, singer, designer, what I’d be in another life? Not Broadway, but I’d be chef or decorator. We all have more than one talent, use it. Be free and unafraid!

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Twerk of Art Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

Now have you evuh seen an “ass-friendly” photo shoot before? That’s a real work of art (or as we called that gallery: “Twerk of Art”). It was time we immortalized the rumps in living color. Why weren’t you there? Who wouldn’t want butt tattoos with names splashed across? Only thing I regret is not baring it all myself! And if there was one person alive or dead I could’ve had there (besides Devon), it would’ve been JLo!

I even gave ya a little “churchin'” this time around. Yep, I’m just a grown-up choir boy who’s now 6-feet-plus tall. You may have noticed my “Queen Vera” shirt. Shout out to mom who’s in the heavens. Will never stop missing you, momma!

Big Freedia
Image: Fuse

A performer’s worst nightmare is losing her voice, and you can see it happened in Philly during a sold-out show! But the show must go on. I’ve lost it before; my fans will always rally for me. They love me everywhere I go, and it’s like one big family! That’s the Freedia crowd, baby! None othuh! My voice may go, but my rump don’t ever get tired, and that’s what they come for!

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