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RHONJ twins insist that Joe Giudice is an amazing dad

Joe Giudice is doing his best to keep his family together while his wife is in prison, but this certainly has not been easy for him. Recent rumors suggest that he is a less than stellar parent when he’s on his own, but Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano insist that this gossip is absurd.

Prior to her stint behind bars, Teresa Giudice was responsible for most of the Giudice family’s day-to-day concerns. Taking the reins cannot have been easy for Joe, but he promised he would care for the girls as best he could during his wife’s absence. According to the rest of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he has done an amazing job. Aprea and Napolitano are very impressed by his ability to calmly run the Giudice household even when he is super stressed.

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During the latest Girls in Heels podcast, Aprea and Napolitano discussed the numerous tabloid stories surrounding Joe’s allegedly awful parenting. They claimed that the nasty rumors about Joe are blatantly false. In their opinion, he is “a magnificent father. He is there for [the kids] 100 percent.”

Aprea and Napolitano know what they’re talking about, as they have visited Joe and his kids on multiple occasions. Whenever they stop by, they find that the Giudice girls are as happy and healthy as is possible for children deprived of their mom’s company. Aprea and Napolitano are especially impressed by how good a job Joe has done with his oldest daughter, Gia. Parenting a teen is difficult under the best of circumstances, but Aprea and Napolitano claim that Joe is “very loving” and that he “would never raise his voice at Gia.”

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In addition to chatting about Joe’s parenting skills, Aprea and Napolitano also touched on the Teresa Checks In special, which actually features appearances from both Aprea and Napolitano. These appearances were definitely not planned; they insist that at the time, they didn’t expect to be filming for Bravo. Nevertheless, they are curious to see “the way [Bravo is going] to edit it.” They hope the focus will be on Joe and the girls. More importantly, they believe that Joe’s critics will rethink their negative impression of him after watching the special, as previews indicate that it will feature several touching moments in which he proves just how much he cares about his kids.

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What do you think of the rumors about Joe Giudice’s parenting? Are you looking forward to seeing more of the family during the RHONJ special? Comment and share your opinion below.

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