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Can RHOC‘s Shannon and David Beador really forgive and forget?

The Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon and David Beador sat down for a chat with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, and unsurprisingly, the subject of David’s affair was brought up. However, despite the pair having discussed David’s infidelity seemingly ad nauseam, something new came to light on the show.

In the shockingly candid interview, David revealed he thought he was in love with his mistress. In fact, he was contemplating leaving his wife for her. When asked how that made her feel, Shannon, understandably, told Cohen, “Not good, not good.”

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David and Shannon went public with his affair after Shannon discovered her husband’s infidelity. (We now know that David’s mistress was Nicole McMackin, and she, creepily, befriended Shannon after the two began sleeping together. Hashtag: No.) The couple have discussed their issues on camera quite a bit this season and last, and from the looks of things, they seem to be on the path to mending their broken relationship — and that’s no easy feat, being that they have three daughters together who also know about the affair.

But, while it’s admirable of them not to run from their problems and face things head-on, when is enough enough? How are they going to move on if they keep discussing the affair — on camera?

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I have to hand it to Shannon. She’s doing something most women wouldn’t do. She’s trying to salvage her marriage — really salvage it, not just put a Band-Aid on it — in front of millions of people. However, perhaps they’re reliving things too much? By no means should David get a get-out-of-jail-free card and Shannon has every right to express her feelings, and she shouldn’t be expected to just “get over things” like that. But, sometimes it feels like they’re constantly living in this dark cloud of the affair. It should be discussed, of course, but perhaps not so much on camera. Not only are they having to relive things again once the show airs, McMackin is probably watching Real Housewives and reading about them online. And that’s just creepy.

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Hopefully, Shannon and David will come out of this mess stronger and more secure in their relationship. Clearly, they’re putting a lot of work into their relationship. It would be a shame if this was all for naught. That said, though, there are plenty of people out there who think Shannon should up and leave David. Here are some comments about Shannon and David from Twitter and the Web:

shannon beador
Image: Radar Online
shannon beador
Image: Radar Online

Opinions aside, though, Shannon is famous for saying that “divorce is not an option” between her and David, so on the one hand, kudos to her for trying to make things work. But, on the other, maybe they should start leaving their issues off of reality TV.

Hopefully, for their sake and their kids’, things will work out with David and Shannon. But, in my humble opinion, for that to happen, they’re going to have to take a new approach. Also, the thought of McMackin tuning in to Bravo every Monday to see what they’re up to is just plain yucky.

Do you think Shannon and David Beador should try to fix their marriage?

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