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Kris Jenner talks Caitlyn Jenner and how their relationship has progressed

Things between Kris Jenner and her former spouse, Caitlyn Jenner, have been strained, and the comments Caitlyn made about Kris in her Vanity Fair interview were upsetting (to say the least).

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Scenes on Keeping Up With the Kardashians showed just how upset Kris was with Caitlyn’s interview, resulting in her saying, “He can go f*** himself! I honestly wish I never met this man. I mean, just f*** you Bruce.”

But now the Kardashian momager has made some surprising comments about Caitlyn and how their relationship has progressed.

“Obviously, I was angry!” Kris recently told E! News in a statement about her ex’s comments, “But we are all good now and have moved past it.”

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We’re pleased to hear that Kris and Caitlyn have managed to put their differences aside, and despite Kris’ feelings toward Jenner, she has managed to maintain a healthy relationship with the Kardashian clan, as evidenced by Kim Kardashian’s new post.

Kardashian took to Instagram on Monday to share a selfie of herself and Caitlyn. She captioned the snap, “Chillin with Cait.”

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Unfortunately, the reaction to the post has been less pleasant, with haters writing, “Chilling with your father? Hahaha,” “This is disgusting” and “WE WANT BRUUUUUUCE!”

But some users also have shared their messages of encouragement and support.

“So proud of you,” shantina_wilson wrote. Another fan, celineul, shared her thoughts saying, “Cait she’s gorgeous !!!!!!! i’m cheering for you.”

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