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Terrence Howard responds to Wendy Williams’ ‘irresponsible’ claims (VIDEO)

Is there another celebrity feud in the works?

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Talk show host Wendy Williams had some pretty harsh words for Empire star Terrence Howard on her show, saying he should be fired for allegations that he abuses women, as well as some pretty bizarre behavior.

“Terrence Howard, your personal life has taken over to where if by chance they took you off the show, I would be happier than mad,” she said on her Oct. 1 show. “I feel like between him allegedly being abusive to women in his personal life, him giving an 18-page nutty interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he talked about all kinds of nuttiness — it’s usurped his entire situation at Empire and the show could do without Terrence Howard.”

She continued, “I’m sorry. It’s the way I feel.”

Sounds a lot like she’s #SorryNotSorry.

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The Rolling Stone article Williams is referencing is, to be fair, very strange. In it, Howard claimed to have helped Robert Downey Jr. secure his role in Iron Man, said that everyone has “different faces that want to come out” and claimed to have created a new number theory that he calls Terryology. It’s weird stuff, but is it weird enough to fire him from the show? While Williams may think so, Howard clearly disagrees.

In a tweet on Saturday, Howard fired back at Williams, saying, “I have been a fan of Wendy for years. Shame on anyone who speaks without knowing the truth. What she did was irresponsible and hurtful!”

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What do you think? Is Terrence Howard’s bizarre behavior enough to justify firing him from Empire? Or is Wendy Williams overreacting? Head down to the comments and let us know where you stand.

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